Our Services

Custom Grafting


Do you have an apple tree you would like preserved? Maybe it's a tree from your family homestead or just a chance wild seedling you enjoy the flavor of. Do you have an established apple tree you would like other varieties added on to assist in pollination and give you a greater variety of apples...we do that! We can supply the varieties/rootstock you want grafted or work with what you have on site! Please note grafting is a seasonal service and we need lots of advance notice to book you in! Message/email for more details!

Site Consultations


Pre-Planting Consultations/Site visits are one of the various services we offer. This is one of the most important steps in ensuring your tree(s) have the best chances at success possible and meets your planting objectives. A lot of people focus on the aesthetic considerations such as interesting foliage, bright color or showy blossoms but don’t take into consideration the practical ways trees can help your landscape. Functional factors are things such as providing shade, fruit bearing, wind breaks or privacy. Whether it be before clearing a treed building lot to build so we can help you plan to preserve mature trees or giving your mature landscape a reno we can help! Contact us for an on-site consultation!

Tree Pruning


Proper pruning techniques are utilized to form proper structure, remove diseased/dead wood, reduce risk of structural failure, maximize fruit production or even just increase aesthetic value of your tree/shrub. Our team can assess your property and help reduce the hazards through corrective pruning as well as formative pruning for those younger trees to prevent structural issues in the future! Whether it’s a massive limb over your roof or a light pruning to a young tree contact us today for your free quote!